UNBOXING | FabFitFun Fall 2020 subscription box Review

FabfitFun is a seasonal subscription box filled with all kinds of girly gadgets and goodies. Think Birchbox and Ipsy on steroids! You get products you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself like a $50 dollar candle or a 5 count 24K Rose Gold face mask set worth $180!! The box retails for $49.99. If you pay annually, you get to choose almost all of the items in your box. I think it is so worth it to become an annual member. You’ll end up missing out on great items with just a seasonal subscription. Today I will let you guys take a peek into my box with me! I am an annual member, so I was able to pick most of the items.

First pick was the Rose Gold Foxybae 25mm Curling Wand. I picked it because I don’t have any curling irons or wands. I actually did not know that wands existed and was a little confused on how to use it since there was no clip. I watched a few Youtube videos and learned that you have to hold the end of your hair. That runs the risk of getting burned, so I’ll only use it on special occasions.

25mm FoxyBae Curling Wand- Retail: $99

The next item I received was the Glossmetic Hair Removal Device. It’s like an electric razor that is safe to use on your face and bikini area. I picked this item because I suffer from hirsutism due to PCOS. I get really long chin hairs and they are especially bad when my hormones are out of whack. I jumped on this item because I knew I would love it and I do! It is painless and I don’t have to pluck or use face razors anymore.

Glossmetics Hair Removal Device-Retail:$59.99

My third pick is the Vitamasque Multivitamin Mask set. I picked this because I use tretinoin and it makes my skin a lot of things. Oily, flaky, red and irritated, and sometimes all at once! It’s nice to use a face mask to calm all of that down once a week.

Vitamasques Multivitamin Mask Set- Retail $30

Next up was the Masontops Glass Water Bottle with Neoprene. I really couldn’t help to pick this. I have an obsession with water bottles. I had a glass bottle before but broke it and always wanted another one. Now I have one again! It’s a good size and the neoprene can help keep your beverage warm or cold.

Masontops Glass Water Bottle w/ Neoprene-Retail: $35

The final item is the HIP Cutlery Set. I picked this because not only is it environmentally friendly, it is perfect for travelling, keep in the car, take to school or work. I wanted this to take on vacation. My husband and I like to get a pint of ice cream and sit by the water whenever we are in New Orleans. One time we bought ice cream and ran around looking for spoons as our ice cream melted in the humid Louisiana heat. With this little set, that will never happen again. Throw it in your bag or leave in your glovebox!

HIP Cutlery Set- Retail $14.99

I was sent shower gel, crease spray and room spray as well. I didn’t choose these items but if the items sent aren’t for you, you can always sell them on eBay or gift them to your friends and family! I hope you’ll give FabFitFun a try.

The items here retails for $23.00 each.

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