FILM | The Fresh Prince gets a fresh new look for TV.

I hope you all have seen the “Bel-Air” trailer/remake in 2019 that went viral online, this short reimagined version of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” feels and looks totally different than the original. It gave the show a new life, and made me a fan again of the original show. We all loved this show, because it was cool and funny, but most of all we could relate to each character. Morgan Cooper is the Director of the remake, people all over the world have fallen in love with his trailer. The viral video eventually caught the attention of Will Smith, and he loved it.

He later met up with Cooper and they came up with a way to bring this new show to real TV. Will said that it was too good of an idea to pass up. In the video above, Will calls Cooper and Chris Collins to surprise them with the good news that the Peacock Network want to give them a 2 season deal without even producing a pilot. Morgan Cooper, who came up with the idea for the Bel-Air trailer, will direct and co-executive produce the series, which he’s co-writing with Chris Collins, an executive producer and show runner. I can’t wait to watch the show, this is very cool and it also gives a young director a chance in the industry with some real support and guidance. Good luck to Morgan Cooper, your talent for directing is new and refreshing I hope this allows you to create more shows and open doors to more people like yourself.

Will Smith’s reaction to Morgan Coopers Bel-Air remake

Morgan Cooper Bel-Air official Trailer


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