MUSIC | Ethiopian Records | WEL crowd funding campaign

Ethiopian Records, aka Endeguena Mulu, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the projects and studio space of creatives in Ethiopia that have been threatened by Coronavirus. Aiming to raise €35,000, the campaign will fund the collaborative production and release of a ten-track double EP, worked on collaboratively by 23 creatives in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

[The] Wel EP re-imagines a world where we come together as one, take charge of our fate, and move towards common goals in tackling the many global problems we face as a species,” says Endeguena Mulu aka Ethiopian Records, a co-founder of the style known as Ethiopiyawi electronic.

For the past few decades, Addis Abeba-based Endeguena Mulu – otherwise known as Ethiopian Records – has been developing what he calls Ethiopiyawi electronic. Inspired by Azmari culture, Ethiopian traditional music and the country’s jazz scene, Mulu began producing on the early software Tuareg when he was 14.

“For the past few months I have been working on a crowdfunding project to help me and my co workers survive these times, and at the same time send out a message of unity and hope, since as you know musicians particularly have no means of survival, and no institutions giving them relief, I decided to take things in hand, as one always should when they have the possibility to do so. It is finally ready to be launched.” – Endeguena Mulu

You can find more info and contribute on indiegogo follow the link below . For people in Ethiopia who don’t have internet banking, you can contribute locally too, you will find info on the dropbox link below.

  • Ethiopia: Dashen Bank: #: 5164002583001
  • Abyssinia Bank: #: 16564362

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