TV Review | “UTOPIA” | Amazon Prime original series

Talk about crazy, this show is not normal, but I really enjoyed it hahahaha. I can’t stand a show that has typical scenarios and topics, now that’s boringgggggggg. Utopia is a new Amazon Prime original Series about a group of comic book fans that have bonded together over a comic book that has many secret meanings that has led them to believe that it’s not just a fictional story.
They soon find out that the comic book actually has hidden information about Dr. Kevin Christie (John Cusack). He has created many diseases for population control and his plans are secretly inserted into this comic book. People from all over the country try to get their hands on it, and it leads to murder and a wild goose chase. Utopia is strange, and takes a left turn every other scene. After episode 2 the story really unfolds into a maze of confusion, that eventually starts to make sense over time. This show is full of comic book nerds, conspiracy theories, murder, cloned human beings and politics. From what I said so far you might think I didn’t enjoy the show, but I loved it.

I don’t want to say too much, but it’s worth watching. Get ready for a non traditional show, that is funny and cool at the same time. Everybody in this show is crazy, just a little. The main character from the first few minutes throws you off, because she isn’t really the main character lol. I thought that idea was awesome, because sometimes television shows use the same kind of person to drive a series. I love how the show is unpredictable and the story is all over the place. I kept saying to myself (in my head), “This show is so cool”. With that said, to really love this show you have to binge-watch it, it’s so good.

My rating for this show is

9 out of 10 stars

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