BUSINESS | Dave Chappelle explains why he asked Netflix to remove the “Chappelle’s Show”

Netflix removed “Chappelle’s Show” from the streaming service at his request, and he explained why with a video posted to Instagram from his stand-up set. In the 18-minute video titled “Unforgiven,” Dave tells his audience how big companies rob their talent, and how he refuses to big a victim of intimidation ever again. He asks that everyone stop watching the show until they pay him. When he was pitching the show he received a contract that he signed that stated he would not receive royalties, he explained how he screwed himself and was bullied into signing that bad deal. watch his Instagram video and learn from his mistake. I know Dave is a comedian, but I put this video under the business category because this entire comedy special is about business and contracts. Pay attention, this is a gem folks.

“I don’t think about it every day because that was the worst thing that happened to me. I think about it every day because that was the first time someone ever did that to me. But in my career, it has happened many, many times since.” 

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