MUSIC | Baby Rose | Live on Tiny Desk

I am so happy to share Baby Rose with the Current Urban family. She is on so many of our playlists on Spotify, her music is so powerful and brilliant. We have not seen her live, but this is the closest we can get until this Covid-19 stuff slows down. The D.C. native — who came of age in Fayetteville, N.C. before coming into her own as an artist in Atlanta — returned to her birthplace, backed by a big band including strings, to perform songs from her 2019 LP To Myself

What impresses me is her cool, bashful personality, but her voice is so strong and commanding. I can tell she is all about her music, and the feelings written in each song are real. Some of her influences are Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughan, I can see how they influenced her music. She comes from that breed of talented musicians. Here at Current Urban Magazine, we play music all day, and sometimes someone will bring in something cool that we all love. Baby Rose was definitely one of those artists that made everyone’s jaw drop. I hope you enjoy this video, and check out her music. She is amazing.

“I would not be able to write with such emotion about these things without my fair share of regrets”

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