TV | Everything you didn’t see on “The Fresh Prince” reunion.

Please watch the video before you read this. Hopefully you all have watched the reunion special with Will Smith and the entire cast of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. For years we never understood completely what happened with the cast, and how they fell a part. One thing that stood out to me in this video is one cast member, Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro). When the original aunt Viv (Janet Hubert) came in, he was nowhere to be found lol. I guess he was not feeling her return (who knows). I know for years when she was on the defense spewing hate against Will Smith, she also said some mean things about Alfonso as well. I know Will Smith is trying to bury the drama and move past things, because he has his new version of the show coming out on the Peacock streaming service, which doesn’t look good to have drama lingering in the background unresolved.

I am all for forgiveness and bringing people together, and I hope Alfonso can overcome his issues with Janet Hubert. Sometimes we have to let stupid stuff die, and move on. Not only for peace, but also for ourselves. If we can’t forgive others, how can we ever expect to be forgiven? Who on earth is flawless? At the end of the day, we all have to agree on one thing…..The made beautiful television together. They both can’t deny that no matter how much they disagree. We will see what the future holds, I would love to see them come together. According to Janet Hubert on twitter she said that “he was working, and I wasn’t there”. I don’t want to assume anything, it is what it is. Maybe they did speak, who knows.

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