BUSINESS | Earn Your Leisure | The mindset needed to buy land

Buying land is one of the most powerful ways to invest your money, and make it grow into something bigger for the rest of your life. You can set up your entire family by making these small changes with money. Real estate is nothing new, but for some communities this kind of wealth is unheard of. I often watch tutorial videos and films about real estate, and in my life this has helped me so much. I purchased my first home 5 years ago using the FHA loan for a single family home. Although I love my home, I wish I would’ve known that I could’ve purchased a multifamily property using the FHA program.

Over the years I continued to research and learn about real estate, making some financial adjustments here and there to expand my portfolio. I want to share that information with you all and help people with financial literacy and real estate investing. While traveling I see the same story play out in poor communities all over the country, it has to do with gentrification. The only way to stop this, is by buying up the land before everyone else does. Own your neighborhood, because if your name is not on the deed you don’t have any say in what happens. Your future is in the hands of the landlord. I refuse to let someone else control my destiny. Leave those fancy cars, sneakers and over priced apartments behind, it’s time to buy some land. 

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