FINANCE | When is the right time to buy Bitcoin? | Earn your leisure

We all have heard the saying, “Buy low, sell High” before, right? Cool, this means to buy when it drops, and sell when it rises in price. Don’t let the high price of a stock or Bitcoin scare you. In this article I am going to show you how to purchase with ease and at your own pace.

Bitcoin is a great investment, but with something that grows as fast as this does, it also can drop even faster. The price of Bitcoin changes daily. As of today Monday Jan. 11th it is valued at $31,121.38, over the weekend it was at $40k. This morning it dropped, and because of this people are afraid to purchase Bitcoin. Many people don’t know that they can buy just a fraction of it. I am not some financial guru, I am just like everyone else in some ways. I understand the fears we all have with losing money, especially in financial times like this. A few years ago with some extra dollars I was willing to risk , I decided to invest in some stocks and bitcoin. I didn’t drop a bunch of cash all at once either. Instead of buying fast food for lunch, I took $20 and invested it into a fraction of a stock I liked. I used this same approach with Bitcoin.

Every time I felt the need to “Waste a dollar”, I changed my mindset to “Save a dollar”. I didn’t even need to change my life to do it, I finally started to see that by doing this over time I could eventually add more money to my investments without feeling the loss of putting money away.

“Bitcoin did a dip today, but it has potential to rise again. Don’t be afraid of the dips, just learn to ride the wave.” – R.M. Gill

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