BUSINESS | Dave Chappelle | update on his “Chappelle’s Show” contract dispute with Comedy Central

Today Dave Chappelle released a new special via his instagram page called “Redemption Song“. It is the update to his last special “Unforgiven“. For 10 minutes Dave speaks on his issues with the haters, about Catching COVID-19, and most importantly his relationship going forward with Comedy Central. Dave has had a long history of battles with the Comedy Platform Giant for some time now. He explains that the true power is his audience, and that they control the story, not Comedy Central. It took about a month, and things switched around for Dave. His fans really listened, and they boycotted the “Chappelle’s Show”.

So many people shared the hash tag #Istandwithdave all over the internet. The entire world spoke all at once, forcing Comedy Central to renegotiate the contract with Dave. What an awesome story about knowing your worth, and standing up for your talent. The biggest challenge is accepting the outcome, no mater what happens. Dave believed in his fans, and they delivered.

“I Got My Show Back, and they Paid Me Millions of Dollars” Dave Chappelle

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