Film Review | “I CARE A LOT” | by writer/director J. Blakeson | NETFLIX

Y’all this film is really good, but is hard to watch if you have an elderly parent, or family member. This film is about the business of “legal guardianship”, and how some people use legal loop-holes to take advantage of people and grab all of their money and assets. “I Care A Lot” is written and directed J. Blakeson, and stars Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Dianne Wiest, and Chris Messina. In this life we all get old, and have to be loved and protected by our families until we pass away, but what happens if you don’t have anyone to care for you? There are vultures out there that swoop in, and take advantage of people in situations like this.

The main character Marla (Rosamund Pike) is a cold blooded monster, a cheater, con artist and was damn scary. She made me want to scream the entire time. She is in the business of conning elderly people into legal guardianship, by paying off doctors and senior living facilities to co-sign false allegations that these people are not fit to take care of themselves. She has so many people, she needed to start a company to take care of them all. The story gets even crazier when she manipulates some documents and takes guardianship of a Russian mobsters mother (Dianne Wiest). She had no clue this woman would be this much trouble. The plot thickens when the mobster (Peter Dinklage) realizes his mother is missing, and her house is up for sale. I won’t say too much else, but I think you will enjoy this and what happens when he fights back.

This film shared with us a view of the evil side of the legal guardian business. So many people are trapped in situations like this, and can’t get away. What really bothered me the most is that this is a real thing. It’s so real that even Britney Spears is fighting this same issue in her own life. Spears has not had full control over her life since 2008. Instead, other people – mostly her father – have had legal authority to make decisions about her career, finances, and personal life. What??? Imagine as an adult having someone control you, your money, where you live….everything? If legally manipulated enough, someone can make this happen. I applaud the director for creating such a beautiful work of art, and at the same time putting a spotlight on such an evil practice targeting innocent people, and their families.

I give this film 5 out of 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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  1. I loved it, but I know that in real life she wouldn’t have been able to do all that stuff to the Russians lol


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