URBAN MYTHS | Blowing Nintendo Cartridges never fixed anything | TECH

Many years ago there was this one phenomenon with Nintendo (NES, SNES or Nintendo 64), and its game cartridges where the games wouldn’t work at all. Every now and then your games would freeze, and this would drive people crazy for hours. Sometimes, the game wouldn’t work for days. Some people would take the games back to the store, and some decided to fix it themselves. This is when people started Blowing into their game consoles and cartridges. Sounds crazy, but for some of us it worked, or at least we thought it did. We were always told not to blow into your games or systems, because the moisture in your breath can corrode and contaminate the pin connector. We didn’t listen haha. What actually worked, was by simply removing the cartridge and placing it back into the system. The connectors inside the Nintendo wore out fast, so you just had to wait for them to reconnect. None of us made any difference in making it work again. I really thought I was the Nintendo mastermind when my console came back on when it stopped working. Here are some other myths people have used over the years that didn’t really work.

  • Cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and cue tips
  • Blowing on your cartridges
  • Putting the cartridge in the freezer
  • Putting it under a fan, or air conditioner
  • Putting it in a zip lock bag and leaving it outside
  • Licking the cartridges
  • Air-can cleaner

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