BUSINESS | AIR B&B nightmares | people destroy homes, and refuse to leave

For some home owners, making a few extra bucks every month is not a bad idea. The option to rent your home out to strangers on Air BnB sounds nice, but it can be very dangerous. In this video you will see some homeowners who have been ruined by their short term renting experience. Even now during this pandemic, people aren’t paying rent. Some owners haven’t received payment for almost 8 months. They still have insurance, and a mortgage to pay….what will they do?

You can’t kick people out, so how can they pay their bills on time? The pandemic is a big issues for landlords, and renting their homes out on Air BnB is an option. The only problem is, you never know who is good or bad on air B&B. A person with a good renters rating can also bring over friends who don’t care about your home. Some people have huge parties, and completely destroy living spaces without paying a dime to fix it. In the video you will learn from experienced landlords on Air BnB what not to do.

On the bright side, Air BnB offers insurance for accidents and property damage. This may be a good thing for home owners.

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