New Orleans’ first experiential pop-up takes audiences of all ages on a topsy-turvy stroll through the cultural gems that make the Crescent City so special. JAMNOLA is 5,400-square-feet of pure NOLA joy, celebrating the iconic art, music, food and theatrics of the city through the eyes of 20 local lead artists. This passion project was founded by Jonny Liss and Chad Smith in creative partnership with Where Y’Art, a New Orleans-based artist collective that served as curator, artistic director and creative partner of the experience. Local legend George Porter, Jr. curated the music.

A percentage of JAMNOLA’s proceeds will be donated back to New Orleans charity partners Trombone Shorty Foundation and Feed the Second Line. “JAMNOLA has been more than a decade in the making. Since I first stepped foot in New Orleans 28 years ago, I knew this city was special,” said Jonny Liss, JAMNOLA co-founder. “I wanted to create a tribute to the city’s people and invest in the culture. Teaming with Where Y’Art is what made it come together. JAMNOLA is a love letter to New Orleans—her joy, her beauty and grit, her resilience. We can’t wait to share it with tourists and especially locals. The experience is really indescribable.”

JAMNOLA features 12 rooms for guests to explore. Most rooms feature photo opportunities, encouraging guests to share their experiences with friends on social media. In 2020, the artists began concepting ideas for the project, working collaboratively alongside JAMNOLA, Where Y’Art and strategic advisers to design the rooms and experiences—all of which were reviewed and reimagined to meet new health and safety requirements. JAMNOLA was also diligent in inviting local culture experts to provide input during the final stages of development. “The lead artists we selected—their out-of-the-box thinking and innovation will absolutely blow you away. They’ve been working tirelessly, under a tight deadline to imagine each space into an experience that will leave you…well, I’ll let you come and find out,” said Catherine Todd, co-founder and creative director of Where Y’Art.

JAMNOLA’s Experiential Rooms, Lead Artists and Contributors Include: • Who Dot? by photographer Erika Goldring with Flavor Paper by Jon Sherman • George Porter Jr. portrait by Carl Joe Williams • Feather Forest by Julianne Lagniappe • “All on a Mardi Gras Day (2003)” video immersion honoring the memory of documentary filmmaker Royce Osborn edited by Alexander Glustrom, music by 79rs Gang, Lakou Mizik and Cumbancha with portrait by Jessica Strahan • What’s Your Jam? with murals from Ceaux, Noah Church, Josh Hailey and Jeremy Paten with culinary contributor Dr. Nicole Caridad Ralston of Eaten Path Nola • The Bead Goes On by Chad Smith with custom Flavor Paper by Jon Sherman • Bling Bayou by Pompadour Productions: Wyoming Quinn and F. Scott Greenfield • Spirit Trees by the Milagros Collective with cultural contributor Terri Simon • Joy of Crawfish by Robin Durand with custom Flavor Paper by Jon Sherman • Yeah You Write installation by Hugo Gyrl

Address: 2832 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70117

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