DRIVE | Episode 4 | Paterson New Jersey | part 1 (The east side)

On our drive through east paterson, you will see all kinds of houses and businesses that reflect what Paterson New Jersey is all about. Multiculturalism, diversity, family and unity is what this city is. Although many have spread horrible stories about this city without ever visiting it, you really need to see it for yourself. Stigmas can last decades, and it is extremely hard for some places to change it’s perception. I often see in videos online where people only show the bad parts of Paterson, I was born here and I can definitely tell you that it’s not a horrible place. You can’t just read statistics from years ago and think you know what an area is like. I hope you enjoy part one of this series on Paterson, and I invite you to watch more of our driving tours on our YouTube page and also in posts linked below. ✌🏽

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