TECH | Best Buy electronics (Marketplace) | Do you trust refurbished electronics?

In a world full of new electronics, many people can not afford to keep up with the expensive price tag that comes with new tech gear. One solution to this issue, is buying used/refurbished electronics. With every used item purchase, there is always a gamble on whether or not the item was fixed, or if it will work at all. Third party sellers rule the internet, and take advantage of innocent people. Most times these sellers don’t offer a long enough warranty, and many people end up losing their money because they can’t return the item.

In the video above, Best Buy is being reviewed by an undercover investigation company to solve some of the issues many Americans find when dealing with Third party sellers. Are we being robbed? judging from the video, do you still feel safe buying used gear, and is it even worth the headache? Leave a comment of your experience buying used items, and lets put these dirty companies out of business.

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After hanging up with Bobby I took a nap, and I had the most scariest dream. It seemed so real. In the dream I was following someone walking around the city, and she walked up to this fence in Jackson Square. The tree behind the fence came alive, and became a human form. The tree…

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