DRIVE | Episode 13 | Halloween in New Orleans 2021 | Late night creeping

Up late driving in the French quarter of New Orleans on Halloween, it’s kind of chilly but everyone is out having a good time. The smell of good food, and smoke is in the air, it’s nice to see people laughing and enjoying themselves. For me, this was the biggest event I’ve gone to since the Covid-19 shutdown. This is what makes this city special. People come here from all over the world, just to hang out and party. I really missed this feeling.

We drove through Bourbon street, Canal, and headed on down towards Bywater to catch a small second line before grabbing something to eat. I wish you all could experience this with us. Here is a small video of what we did last night. Please excuse the film quality, I filmed everything with my iPhone 12 Pro. Enjoy ✌🏾

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