LIFE | What it’s like living in Hong Kong’s “Monster Building” | Yick Fat building

The Monster Building is a complex of five different structures making up an E-shaped building: Montane Mansion, Oceanic Mansion, Fok Cheong Building, Yick Cheong Building and Yick Fat Building. People are impressed by the building’s unique symmetry and striking density. Seeing the small, cramped apartments from the outside only makes you wonder what’s really happening on the inside and how people live there. Built in the 1960s, in recent years, the “Monster Building” has taken off on social media as a prime spot to take aesthetic photos – and it’s not hard to see why. Standing in the middle of the apartment complex’s courtyard and looking up, it’s hard not to be in awe of these colourful buildings.

YouTuber DongDong Wu discusses her life in the Monster Building in a YouTube video on her channel: “It’s already a complete community, I don’t even have to go out, and if I want to go out, there’s a trail next to the building where I can go for a good hike.” it appeared as scenery in the ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ movie, it has become a Hong Kong Tourist Destination. “People stood around the platform for photos, but the noise and garbage affected the building residents and owners… and the lifts here are the slowest I’ve ever seen,” she said while filming the elevators.

How to get to the Yick Fat Building:

If you’re riding the MTR, first, you’ll need to take the Island Line to Tai Koo Station. Follow the signs and take Exit B. Turn west on King’s Road and keep walking for 3 minutes. Once you’ve reached the intersection between King’s Road and Yau Man Street, walk a few metres up and the “Monster Building” will be on your left.

Another way to get to the Monster Building by MTR is to reach Quarry Bay Station. From Quarry Bay Station, take Exit A. This time, turn east towards Tai Koo Place and head down King’s Road for approximately 5 minutes. Once you’ve hit the Mount Parker Road Green Trail Sign, you’ve reached the Monster Building. The building will be on your right.

For both options, you have to walk through a few shops into the building complex. This will only take a few minutes before you finally reach the photography spot.

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