LIFE | The one big con about moving from Los Angeles to the Netherlands

The One BAD Thing About Living In The Netherlands So ‘Ive lived in The Netherlands for two Years and some change now. And i remember the first thing i did before i moved to the Netherlands as an american was Youtube “Life in The Netherlands” And One of The Biggest Con that i also heard from others living here was how hard is was to make friends here. Here are a few things ive learnt after a year in the Netherlands. Amsterdam to haarlem. The Netherlands has been great. And as an american living in the Netherlands, I have a long way to go. Just a few things that They won’t tell you as an American living abroad.

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HEALTH | 5 cheap and easy ways to improve your health

With all that is going on right now we really need to be mindful of our health. We do not need to spend a bunch of money on immunity shots or vitamins, nor do we need to pay $8 for a green juice. Here are 5 easy and cheap tips to help boost your immune…

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FARMING | Backyard Aquaponics | farming fresh fish and vegetables

Aquaponics is essentially the combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. When we look at combining the two, these negative aspects are turned into positives. The positive aspects of both aquaculture and hydroponics are retained and the negative aspects no longer exist. Water is pumped up from the fish tank into the grow bed. The water trickles down through the media, past the roots of the plants before…

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OFF THE GRID | Van build | Work Van into a Mobile Home | Full Build

Check out this video by DualEX, he customized a work van and made it into an off grid tiny home. I love his videos, because he doesn’t do the typical van upgrades like everyone else on youtube. His style and wood work is superb. Follow his page for more of his builds, I know you’ll…

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