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I spent the entire night looking up information about Bobby, and everyone else that lives around me. My hunch was right about someone investigating me. I decided to check on my information and see how many people were looking me up. Within the last 6 months, 5 people have inquired about me. This is so crazy. I also found a secret Facebook group for the neighborhood, and guess who’s in it??? Everyone except for me, Bobby and a few others. Ain’t no way this is real. So I go even further, I followed the group but under an alias. The posts in this group were so wild, I almost forgot I wasn’t supposed to see it.

I know it started out as an investigation of Bobby, but his information was basic. I didn’t see anything that suggested he was a creep, and he seems like a cool person. So If they’re looking me up, imagine how much of his info has been shared and viewed in this group. I kept scrolling and eventually I find something about me that Sarah aka “Ms. Busy Body” wrote. She’s responsible for Burgundy Street and for keeping tabs on all of the new people who move to the Bywater/Marigny area. Everything I told her from our first few encounters was written in here. She also said that she doesn’t see me go to work, so she’s wondering if I am some kind of get over or scammer.

These people are nuts. No wonder she keeps bringing up work, every time we talk. She was fishing for information. They can’t figure me out, so maybe thats why someone broke into my apartment. What were they trying to find? They have folders for all the people of color in the neighborhood. Some of these people were here before them, that ain’t right at all. New Orleans is known for its rich culture from many groups of people coming together and mixing, what makes them think they can play gatekeepers to this neighborhood and the culture here?

When I first moved here I was excited and ready for a new adventure, but then the fantasy died. This just added to it, and made it worse.

So a few days go by, and I’m home looking out the window while writing. I see Bobby walk by, and I run to the door to catch him before he could leave. Like a clumsy idiot, I almost fell down the stairs trying to stop him…he chuckles a little. If anything was going to break the ice, that did it. I smiled, and introduced myself.

Hey, My name is Rainey. Sorry I didn’t open the door the other day.

I told him what happened with the break in and everything. He looked so angry when I told him. He said that theft has risen in this area in last few months, he had a few packages stolen from his porch. He told me I should get a PO Box, instead of having my packages and mail delivered here. He asked me if I had cameras. He said he installed some around his house for safety. After talking for a few minutes, he said he was trying to catch the local coffee shop before they close for the night. He asked me to walk with him. I know we just met, but I really wanted to tell him what I found out about the neighbors, so I accepted the invite. As we walk he asks me about my life, and what made me move to New Orleans.

I am a writer. Ive been coming here for years, created my best work here. I always saw this city as an escape. So I finally took a chance, and moved.

He said he liked that. He was raised here by his grandparents, and they left him the house. He also had dreams of moving, but the guilt of selling his grandparent’s home would haunt him. The property value was rising, and he’d be a fool to let it go cheap. He pulls out some photos of them to show me. I can tell that he misses them. I never expected him to be this cool and open. I feel a relaxed, loving warmth from his personality.

I told him that I don’t know many people here, I pretty much keep to myself. He said that all of his old friends were separated after Katrina, and many families decided not to come back. Since then, the neighborhood has been a revolving door for tourists and Airbnb hosts. He asked me if I’ve ever been to this coffee shop before. I said, I love this place, I come in and sit by the window some days and write. The owners are a cute Asian family, they’re very nice to me. I make the music playlist for the shop, they asked me because I’m always here with my headphones jamming out by myself. The music you hear right now I put together a month ago.

He asked me to send it to him…what a slick way to get my phone number. haha I sent it. Then I said, save my number just in case I get more info on the break in. I’ll share it with you. I know my hormones are racing, but I have to put on the breaks. I’m not sure if he’s married or not. Let me dig a lil deeper. Bobby, Do you Live alone?

Before he could even answer my question, I see 4 women just staring at us laughing. They were doing their best to make us feel uncomfortable. Sitting across the cafe judging us. Why would you do that to someone? That’s just evil. I look over at Bobby to see if he noticed, and I can tell he’s trying his hardest to ignore them. He leans over and says to me…People do this everyday. If you react you give them what they want. They want to ruin our experience so we never come back. I grew up here, this is my city…aint no hipsters gonna push me out of here. Hell no!!! This ain’t the 60’s, what are you looking at?

Most of the time, the people that act like that are not from here. No offense haha, but it’s true. We don’t act like that down here. The tourists bring that racism down here, and try to change our city into some trendy hip community where Black folks don’t exist. They get to enjoy our music, food, flavor, but we can’t partake in it. That aint everybody though, don’t let this darken your heart…Love. If they have an issue, they can leave. I try not to let ignorance take time away from me. Anyway, forget them.

To Answer your question, I live alone, but I have 2 younger brothers that live in Mississippi. They come visit from time to time.

Lets get out of here…I see the crowd rushing in to grab the last of the beignets. I’ll walk you home. Thanx for coming with me. This was fun. I never get to talk to the neighbors, things have really changed around here.

I could tell he wanted to ask me something, his eyes were moving back and forth nervously.

I’m not sure if he’s asking me out on a date, or if he’s trying to distract me from paying attention to those haters in the corner. Either way, it’s working. I’m so glad I came out with him. I can tell he’s had enough drama for one night, I won’t tell him about the Facebook group. Maybe later. All I know is whenever I look at him, I see roses and butterflies…does this mean I like him? 😬❤️. I didn’t want him to think I was weird so I said…

I like anything spicy, I put Tabasco on everything haha

There is so much just in this neighborhood alone, you gotta eat outside of the French Quarter, Love. So many people come down here and never experience the real New Orleans. They are afraid to leave that tourist area. I’d love to introduce you to something different.

Yes, I’m free!

Damn, why did I say it like that? I look so thirsty lol

Bobby, Thank you for the coffee, you helped me forget all about the break in. I feel a little safer now. I really appreciate this.

It was my pleasure, I’m happy I made a new friend…See ya tomorrow, Love.

Don’t judge me for staring at him through the window, lol I stalk everyone I like. Trust me, this is a good thing haha. For the first time, I don’t feel alone anymore.



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  1. Thank you so much Debbie!!! We are working on episode 3, the characters will develop even more as the story progresses. It seems like a typical love story, but there is a twist…stay tuned to find out.


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