Guest Op-ed

Your Voice | Depression and Anxiety | Guest Op-ed #2

Guest writer: Anonymous

Depression and anxiety can creep up on us at any given moment. You can be fine one minute, but the next that demon of self doubt, fear, and pain from your past are invading your thoughts. It causes you to procrastinate from moving forward with the things that you know you need to be working on. You question your talents, you doubt that you are good enough. You think no one will care or they’ll make fun of your creation. Whatever that creation is, be it your music, art, writing, cooking or whatever.

I want to remind you that the devil is a liar! You are good enough, you are smart enough, you are pretty enough and you are worthy to be loved! You deserve everything the devil said you could not have! The devil can use people to hurt you and create chaos in your mind. It is the demons in them that are projected on to you. That is not your problem, nor your demon to fight. When someone attacks you or does something against you, realize it is their own insecurity rearing its ugly head. Don’t let their actions stop you from being the best version of yourself. You have your own demons to fight, why let theirs into your heart?

I asked God to use me to spread his message. He said to use your own pain to help people because believe it or not, you’re not the only one hurting. You’re not the only one who has suffered setback after setback, loss after loss and blow after blow. People will relate to you, because they’ve been through it or are going through it. To tell you the truth, I’m still going through it.

There are days where I am so happy how great my life is, but literally the next day I am crying that my life is in the toilet. How can that be? It is because we don’t trust the Lord. We let devils into our heads. We let someone’s negative comment get to us. We let their actions (their demons) into our hearts. If you don’t know Jesus, this can spiral out of control and lead to bad things like addiction or even suicide.

We need to turn to Christ when we are feeling like we are not worthy. Sometimes we can get triggered by what we watch or listen to. It’s important to always keep God first. I’m not just speaking to you, but to myself. I forget all the time. I bet you wouldn’t believe me when I told you I had a full blown mental breakdown on my kitchen floor begging for God’s help just a few hours ago. He always comes through and it can happen quite fast, as you can see. From breakdown to inspirational blog post in the same day. Guard your mind and your heart because the devil is looking for a way in. God loves me and he loves you too, so turn to him and tell him what’s on your mind. He wants to hear from you.

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