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What a night y’all…totally unexpected.

I have so much to do today, my head is spinning. I don’t have anything to wear for dinner later with Bobby. He was so nice. I think I can trust him. I never thought I would consider staying here after the break in. At least I have someone watching my back. I can’t wait to tell Sarah next door that she was wrong about him.

Yesterday gave me a small peek into what he goes through living here. It makes me feel angry that their first impression of him is bad without him doing something to deserve that judgement. You shouldn’t have to prove to everybody that you’re a good person everyday, thats exhausting. You’re either a criminal or a creep, that ain’t fair. Like Bobby said screw’em!!! I can’t live my life to make people feel comfortable, If you don’t like us…MOVE!!!

Oh no, look at the time! I have to hurry, and pick out an outfit for tonight. I’ve been writing and playing music all day, I need to get ready.


It’s 7:55pm, he’s at the door. I am almost ready. I’m so nervous.

I open the door, and Bobby is standing there looking so handsome.

Hey, You look Beautiful. You ready for some good food?

Yes!!! Lets go

Instead of driving we walk a few blocks to a local restaurant called Morrows.

Wow…this is nice, and it’s around the corner from us. I can’t believe I never came in here. I just have one question…Why is everyone wearing glasses? haha

This is part of my surprise…Tonight is “Glasses Night”.

The owners are like family. I knew we needed a place to come to where we fit in. I want you to feel comfortable tonight, so I can get to know you without distractions. Every shade and color can come here, and enjoy themselves. This is the New Orleans vibe, I want you to experience. If someone is staring at you, it will be mostly because of the food you ordered. The food here is really really good. Everybody comes here. There is a small line to get in, let me text you the menu while we wait.

Mmm, they have classic New Orleans style cuisine and Korean dishes, the smell reminds me of home.

Really…Are You Korean?

Your dad looks like a cool guy.

My dad is a trip, you would love him. He was a traveling jazz musician back then, they even lived out here for a bit. My dad played with some of the Mardi Gras Indians and in the jazz clubs on Frenchmen Street. I was born here, but they raised me in New York. My dad always felt like the tropical storms and the violence were too much to raise my brother and I around. So They moved up North. I think he regrets that decision, because he’s always telling stories about his life here. That’s what made me come here. I wanted to feel that magic he felt.

That’s so crazy, because my parents owned a jazz club over in the 9th ward. Your dad might have played there back then. They lost the club after Katrina, and decided to move to Mississippi with my brothers. I stayed here with my grandparents, which is why they gave me the house. I would love to hear your pops play. Any musician that can play on Frenchmen Street has to be good.

According to my mother, he took over the show anytime he played. People were asking for him all over the country.

Speaking of storms, we have one coming in a few days. You ready?

This is my first major storm. I don’t know what to expect.

Don’t worry, this happens every year. Sometimes we get hit pretty hard, but we survive. The worst part is losing electricity for a few weeks, and trying to to stay cool in this heat. Hey, our table is ready. Let’s go in.

Good, I am starving lol

I have something to tell you. I wanted to share it with you yesterday, but those girls got in the way. So basically, when my apartment was broken into some of the neighbors told me that I should be afraid of you. I didn’t believe them, but I started looking up information about the entire neighborhood, and I found something really crazy on Facebook about them. They have a secret group with information about all the people of color, and they have folders with information on each of us. Everything I’ve ever said to them is in the group.

I’ve known this for some time now, lol. I found it a few years ago. I was going to tell you, but I had to get to know you first. Just to make sure you were cool. I avoid them as much as possible. There is something you don’t know about them. They are not really worried about your skin color, they are more afraid of your belief system. This city has many groups that practice witchcraft and magic. They don’t want Christians moving in here. It looks like racism, and sometimes it is…but this group is secretly locating all of the followers of Jesus. Typically, most Black people are Christians, and they can’t have us running things. If you control the area, you can control the politics, and sort of get away with anything you want. If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can still move mountains. They fear you, your faith can stop them, and bring down an army on nonbelievers.

How did you find this out?

I’ve lived here longer than most of them, and they’ve been waiting for my family to leave since I could remember. I get offers on the house just about every month, they try to buy me out because they can’t scare me away. I figured that break-in was a tactic to make you want to move. Evil is real, Rainey. People will do anything to feel powerful. They worship demons, and despise followers of Jesus. One person with faith can disrupt their entire operation. They have no idea what they’re doing. I’ve lost a few friends to this. This city has a dark cloud hanging over it, and people pretend they don’t know why. But I do.

WTF? Now I’m really scared. This is crazy.

Now that you know, you have to walk around with you eyes open. None of these people are your friends, and some brown folks too. Don’t trust anybody, and promise me you won’t take food from them.

They tried to feed me many times. Mrs. Loraine from next door kept trying to make me “White Beans”. I told her I was allergic. She always comes over with a food offering.

Good!!! Never eat from them. The longer you stay here, you will learn how to survive more than just the storms. They put bad energy in the food. It can ruin your health, it can cause financial issues, and make you a magnet for load a problems. Meditate on this bible verse, and remember you are a child of God. Read Psalms 27 tonight. Did you parents ever tell you about this stuff?

Yes, but I didn’t take it serious. I thought it was just superstition.

Evil is real. That woman is a witch. You didn’t eat the beans, that’s why they are going crazy to get you out of here. A lot of tourists play around with evil, because they don’t think it’s real. Then they go back home with a demon attached to them, and never know it. This entire city is under a demonic control. They know we are together right now, there are eyes on us all of the time. I know this is a lot for you to take in, but trust me you’ll thank me later. Tomorrow morning wake up around 3:30 am, and take a peak out of your window. Text me what you see. If you don’t believe me, you will after you see this. Welcome to the battle of spiritual warfare, where we all are in the fight even if you don’t realize it or participate in it.

It’s getting late, I hope I didn’t ruin tonight. I really wanted you to have fun, my intention was not to scare you.

You didn’t scare me, I’m glad you told me. I felt something was off for a long time, Thank you. It all makes sense now.

Good, don’t forget about 3:30AM

Believe me, I won’t. I have to know.


Come back next week for Episode 4!

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